tvice-ntpfntpf-live-broadcast-1After more than two decades in the HMI, T-Vice has officially released its 9th Studio Album.  For the diehard fans of T-Vice and Kompa lovers around the glove, this album is way overdue. At a time where Klass, N-Look, and dISIP occupied the spotlight, many fans and HMI Critics are asking themselves the following question: Is this album good enough to propel T-Vice back to the top?

According to Roberto Martino, the band’s lead singer and co-founder it’s a definite yes: “We worked hard on this album, a year and a half of focus went into it. We wanted to expand our sound and we even played around with some world sounds to make it a little different.  The fans deserve our best and I think we delivered.”

Nou Tounen Pi Fo contains eleven songs and featured well known Haitian Artists like J. Perry, P-Jay, and 5 Lan. It is currently available on Itunes, Google Play, Spotify, Tunecore and more.  Find out for yourself if this will meet your expectation….