macd1On Tuesday, June 3, 2014, Mackendy Talon, Harmonik’s lead singer, released a note to the press, in which he announced his resignation from the band. He wrote: ” I know this is kind of strange for me to be writing you this short note, but I believe that this is the proper way to let you know about my resignation from Harmonik. I have dedicated each and every second of my life to this band since January of 2008. I have always put Harmonik first in all I do; that’s why you guys could feel the presence of my soul in all Harmonik songs. Now, I am focusing on other things in my life. I want to thank everyone for his or her supports during my journey with the band, therefore; it is time to tell you that I will stop performing with the band after July 19. By the time I leave, the administration will have time to find a singer for the band. It has been with love, fun, and my heart that I have given my time to this band, but my journey ends here.” 

After reading this note, the last paragraph in particular, we were convinced that MacD had no intention to leave Harmonik. “I’ll stop performing with the band after July 19th.” How convenient, It is only more than a month from now. Seriously, If MacD was really leaving the group, it would have taken him a few days to do so, not a month.

In addition, why all of a sudden it has become so difficult to get in touch with MacD and the other key members of the band: Sanders Solon and Nickenson Prudhomme?
Why was Senders, in less than 24 hours after MacD’s note or letter of resignation, trying to sell us a different story?

During an interview earlier today, Sanders stated : ” MacD did not really leave the band. There was a problem between him and the Manager, Mr. Nivens, but everything is solved now. The Manager is no longer part of the band and MacD is now back.” Sanders
attributed MacD’s note to frustration and emotion. He added: ” It would not make any sense for MacD to leave a band that he co-owned for an employee. There is no frictions between us (musicians) and MacD. There was indeed a problem and we took care of it. Soon, we will release a statement to the media.”harmonik

It is our belief that Harmonik’s album, which by the way is one of the best album released to this date, has failed to match the euphoria created by Zenglen and Klass’ latest album. Harmonik obviously needed some type of attention from the Media and the HMI, so they fomented a hoax. It’s nothing, but a publicity stunt. Let’s us see how long it will last.