10491288_696169607086668_2666368634736210084_nName—— Gregory Aristil
Profession—- Comedian/Entertainer
Birthday ——– December 9
Birthplace——- Port au Prince, Haiti
I live in Tamarac, Florida——-with  My wife and my son

Nickname——-Ton Greg

Word that best describes me——-Strong
Best decision I ever made ——-Getting married
Worst decision I ever made——- Allowing a friend to sign a car loan for me
A weekend best spent——- with my family
Interesting hobby——- playing music, writing song
Date you started——- I was very young
What is the best part of your job——- Meeting new people
What path brought you to comedy——- Life
Education ——-Some college
My motto——- Never give up
Favorite quote——- Don’t give up the fight
Best advice I ever received ——-Follow your dream
My hero ——-Wiclef Jean
Movie or book that best describes my life——- The road less travelled
Favorite food——-  Rice
In high school——- I was Funny10394530_828450683873536_5390598507255351869_n

You can’t tell by looking at me that ——-I am funny
Which talent would would you most like to have ——-Writing scripts and screenplays
Greatest fear ——-Hell
What makes you laugh out loud ——-Watching my kid play
Favorite television show——- Modern Family
If I could have my pick of any car, it would be——- a Mercedes
Most treasured possession ——-my lovely wife
Favorite website——- Facebook
Odd thing in my closet ——-an old pair of boots
For a lift ——-I pray
What would be impossible for you to give up——- God
Best vacation spot——- Haiti