Orchestre Tropicana D’Haiti: The pride of a Nation

by G. Aluc

In the annals of the Haitian Music Industry’s history, there are fewer bands that have achieved the level of success, adoration, and cultural significance as the Orchestra Tropicana of Haiti (Orchestre Tropicana D’Haiti). Founded in 1963 in Cap Haitian, northern part of the country, Tropicana has emerged as the number one group in Haiti. With more than 40 years of experience in the HMI, Tropicana comprised of more than twelve musicians and often performed with four singers, three saxophones, 2 trumpets, two pianists, one drummer, one percussionist etc. Over the years, It has recorded more than twenty five records and made countless hit songs, which include Limonade, Gason Total, Ti Joceline, Mwen renmen Duvalier, Veye Priye, Kimbe dinyite’w, Nou refize granmoun and many more.

Tropicana has a reputation of being an organized and very disciplined group in the HMI. With its unique style of (compas) music, a mixture of salsa, meringue and jazz, it has transcended from one generation to another while making sure that they are all satisfied. It was not a surprise to anyone that Tropicana was the only group selected to commemorate the OMD (Organization Mondiale Des Douanes) at the Municipal Palace of Delmas (Mairie de Delmas) on January 27, 2012. See the pics.