Twenty eleven ( 2011) was a very good year for Gazman “Couleur” Pierre. The star left Nu-Look and started his own band, dissip of Gazman. Everything was going well, and Promoters were eager to sign the band. After all, most of the band’s performances were full to the max.

In the history of the HMI, no new band has done what Gazman and dissip did. It was unprecedented. In New York, Florida, Paris, Port-au- Prince, and the Caribbean, etc., the fans, curious for the most part, aligned to see the star performing without his old pal, Maestro Arly Lariviere.

All this euphoria appeared to stop in the last quarter of 2011, especially after the release of Nu-Look latest album: Confirmation.

To make matters worst, key musicians of dissip, among the most famous, Maestro Gabriel Laporte, Patrick Pluviose, and Sexy Beef decided to jump the ship, leaving the captain to fend for himself.

These days, it seems that Gazman Couleur is doing everything possible, except the right thing, to keep the boat afloat. In Tampa, for example, the star who proclaimed himself a devout christian, was seen making out with a female fan on stage. He later apologized to his fans for his behavior.

Was he trying to cover his lack of inspiration by exhibiting this type of behavior on stage, or was he looking for other ways to stay in the public eyes? If that is the case, he is doing a very good job because everyone is talking about him. As the star always say: “Ou tap chache pwoblem, men pwoblem.”