thumb__DSC9303_1024 I usually don’t go out on Sunday night, especially when I have to wake up early the next day to go to work. But when it comes to seeing beautiful models walking up and down the catwalk with inner confidence and sparkling personality necessary to make a charming performance, that my friends is a sacrifice that is not too much for me to bare.

So this Sunday, February 28, 2016 my love of music and fashion led me to Mimi’s Fifth Annual Fashion Show at the Newport Beach Side Hotel in Sunny Isle.

The evening’s stunning red carpet was packed with the industry’s top photographers, celebrities and fashion enthusiasts that were eager to see this season’s designers on the runway.

The diversity of models and designers were nothing short of outstanding at this particular event.  Labelle Couture opened the evening with her latest collection followed by Ginen Creation, Classy Lady, Onyx Creation, Jean Lady, Sandy Lafalaise, Jose Champagne, etc.

The guests enjoyed delicious cocktails as well as live performances by MacD Tallon from Harmonik, Rutchelle Guillaume and Phylicia Ross.

Wow, it was an evening to remember.  All I can say is: Mimi crushed it once again.  Her show is known now for its imaginative evening event where fashion, music, and live performance collide in an enchanting and unrivaled experience for all lucky enough to partake.