misty_jean1We received this anonymous letter from a young man who was in Haiti during the summer.  He seemed to be very concerned regarding Misty jean’s state of mind and well being. This individual claimed that his primary goal is to save the artist by exposing her bizarre behaviors to her friends and family members, not to degrade her.  Was he really trying to help the artist.  Is there any truth to this story.  What do you think? We report, you decide.

Brother, Mitsy Jean needs help.. I think (well I know) she is hooked on some kind of drugs or something that’s affecting her brains. I saw her last night with the guy who is probably her new boyfriend at the Tvice/Harmonik party, being humiliated and intimidated all night long. I was even tempted to step in, but due to the fact it’s Haiti, I had to turn away, because they were standing right next to me.

I think she’s hanging out with the wrong crowd, and this dude is no good for her based on the way he treated her last night at Café Trio. I know people who are her friends who are running and hiding from her because she is constantly asking to borrow $ 20 dollars. There was a time she waited over 1 hour for someone to bring her $20 in the middle of the night. She’s acting very irrational. She doesn’t even have a place to stay, she’s jumping over to stay at friend’s house on a weekly basis both in Florida and when she’s in Haiti. Recently, when she performed with the President at his 25th anniversary in music, she had to beg the organizers for them to give her money to buy some clothes to wear. Many people have offered her to stay at their house, but she insist that she brings her boyfriend with her.

Something must be done to save Misty, I’m afraid she’s going to end up like Whitney Houston. This is very scary, what can be done to help someone like that, we need to act to save Misty…that’s why I’m sending this to the media, I want all her friends to know that to see if they can help. Hopefully a family member is reading this and can reach out to her mother and see what they can do about the situation.”