DSC_0639PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (Tripotage–Magazine) – Despite the recent political unrest in Haiti earlier this month, the fourth edition of Haiti Fashion Week was held at the Karibe hotel, Petionville from November 5 to November 8, 2015 without any incident.

The fourth edition of Haiti Fashion Week was not only a tribute to the Haitian Italian Designer Stella Jean, but it also recognized France as being a pioneer in the world of fashion.  During this week of fashion, designers from the Caribbean, the United States, Europe, and the Dominican Republic had the opportunity to showcase their collections.

Mr. Michel Chataigne, one of country’s top designers and coordinator of the show, believes that Haiti Fashion Week is a space for designers to find new markets. He emphasized that the fashion sector is very important to our economy and; therefore, it should be developed and revitalized.

The focus of this edition was on agriculture, and it had for theme: “Nourire Haiti/feeding Haiti.” Prior to the show Magie Durce, the President of Mode Haiti, said: “Fashion can be used to promote agriculture,” and added that the fabrics that were used are the byproducts of agriculture.

Haiti has been known around the world for its rich culture: arts, food, dance, and music, but with the consecutive successes of Fashion Week, Haiti is slowly taking its place among the world’s best in the fashion industry and may be on its way to being the pioneer of the Caribbean fashion.

Photo by Lawens Josma

Editor G. Aluc