His presence is as big as his personality with enough quips to keep you guessing, Delly still manages to surprise you with his future ambitions and sweet demeanor.  We caught up with the radiant aspiring model and lean about his start in the fashion industry and his future ambitions


 T-M: What Is your name

D.L.Jr:  Delly Lens Junior


  T-M: What’s your Profession——

 D.L.Jr:  Model


 T-M: Birth day ———-

D.L.Jr:  January 9


 T-M: Where do you live——–

D.L.Jr:  -I live in Carrefour, Haiti


 T-M:   Birthplace—–

D.L.Jr:  —Delmas, Haiti

 T-M:  Do you have a nickname—–

D.L.Jr:  —No, I do not


 T-M:  Word that describe you the best—-

D.L.Jr:  –Opportunist       


 T-M:  Best decision you ever made—–

D.L.Jr:  —Becoming a model


 T-M:  Worst decision—-

D.L.Jr:  —–Having to audacity not to do anything while waiting to be admitted to State University of Haiti


 T-M:  A weekend is best spent—–



 T-M:  Interesting hobby–

D.L.Jr:  –I like to read, and listen to good music


 T-M:  What path brought you to modeling—-

D.L.Jr:  —Destiny


 T-M:  Education—

D.L.Jr:  –Some College


 T-M:  My motto—

D.L.Jr:  –I am the only architect of my destiny


 T-M:  Best advice I ever received—-

D.L.Jr:  –worry about yourself


 T-M:  Movie or book that best describe my life—–

D.L.Jr:—-I don’t have one


 T-M:  My favorite food—–

D.L.Jr:  —Corn


 T-M:  In High School I was—-

D.L.Jr:  —-the class clown, the one that everyone likes, except some of my teachers


 T-M:  You can’t tell by looking at me that I am

 D.L.Jr:—–shy and anxious


 T-M:—  Greatest fear——-

D.L.Jr:—– Not being able to meet others’ expectations


 T-M:  Favorite song/Artist—-

D.L.Jr:—-It’s very difficult for me to give you one. It depends on the Artist or the song.


 T-M:  If I could have my pick of any car, it would be–

D.L.Jr:——-A Ford Vignal


 T-M:  Odd thing in the closet—

D.L.Jr:–A shirt that my mother gave me when I was in 10th Grade


 T-M:  For a lift I—

D.L.Jr:——listen to music


 T-M:  What would be impossible for you to give up—-

D.L.Jr:——My life


 T-M:  Best vacation spot—

D.L.Jr:—–Cote de fer


Photo Credit: Lawens Josma

Interview: Carlo Tripotage