57487_104600606275321_7350059_oFour several years, Jean Herard Richard’s, Richie, sexual orientation has been the object of many speculations.  There have been widespread rumors about him being  gay.  Such rumors were intensified by Gracia Delva, Richie’s former bandmate, a couple of years ago in his song:” Min Popo.”  In the song and video, Gracia Delva, suggested that Richie made sexual advances to him while he was the Lead Singer of Zenglen.  We all remember the catchy phrase: ” Pake’m pat dakor a.”   With the release of Klass’ new album, rumors regarding Richie’s sexual orientation have resurfaced.  On the album cover, Richie is seen wearing an outfit that most people would consider more suitable for a woman: “Knee high boots, scarf, tight black jeans and jacket, and a large dark sunglasses.”

During an interview in one of the underground radio station in South Florida last November, Maestro Richie defended his outfit and at the same time put an end to the rumors of him being gay.  He said: ” As an artist, I do things to please me first.  I really do not care of what people think.  The boots and the jacket that I wore on the album cover are custom made for me by an Italian designer.  They are exclusively made for men. klassnewposer” Richie went on to say: ‘I am not gay. If I were, I  would not hide it.  I would go only to places gay people go, I would live in neighborhood suitable only for gay people.  The fact is I am not Gay.” Richie is right, he is not gay.  Gay people generally don’t sleep with women.  Richie is known to be a family man, a father. We should ask ourselves this question: Is Richie bi-sexual. The thing is, there is no such thing in our culture. Haitian people define gay as any man who engages in sexual activities with another man.