014A6338Name  Hugues Domond

Profession  Musician

Responsibilities  Bass player/Management

Birth day  November 1

Birth place  Lascahobas, Haiti

I live in  Coral Springs, Florida      With  my Wife and daughter

Nickname  DeeJay Dodo Word that best describe you  Cool

Best decision I ever made  becoming a member of Gabel

Worst decision I ever made   buying a Volkswagen Jetta

A weekend is best spent with   my family

Interesting hobby   watching TV

Date you started playing music professionally   in 1999 with Ozone

What is the best part of your job   making my fans happy

What path brought you to music   the environment in which I grew up in. I guess I was born to play music

Education   Bachelor degree in Accounting

Best advice you ever received   Stay in school

Your hero   my father

Movie or book that best describes your life   Coming to America

Favorite food  Rice, beans, and vegetables

In High School I was   an Artist

You can not tell by looking at me that   I can clean and make my house spotless

What other talent would you like to have   fly an airplane

Greatest fear  Dark

What makes you laugh   funny jokes

Favorite television show   The Big Bang Theory I

f I could have my pick on any car, it would be   a Bentley

Most treasured possession   my Bass Guitar

Favorite website   Facebook

The oldest thing in my closet a  Jordash T-shirt

For a lift I   play music

What would be impossible for you to give up   my daughter

Best vacation spot   Jacmel, Haiti