Hurry up, Opportunity is knocking

If you are a writer in need of an audience or an inspired writer, Tripotage Magazine will give you the opportunity to write and publish your articles free of charge. You can write articles or reviews about culture, music, movies, arts, religion, love, etc. Once we review your article, if selected, we will post it with your name on the bottom or top of it. It is your work after all, we just want to help you publish it.

Here’s how it works: Send your article to us at or mail it to the address below.
If we select your article, we will post it and send you a notice of publication so that you can tell your friends about it. Remember, it is your work not ours. You get the credit, not us.

Star in a (Tripotage Magazine) photo shoot

We are launching a new ad campaign and instead of choosing a celebrity, we have someone else in mind: YOU.
Visit us at the address below, or mail your pics, or upload your pics and send them to
You will then be taken to a video tour and photo shoot that stimulates what it is like to be a model.
Even better, you can share the pics on your Facebook page so that your friends can see what you would like as the face of Tripotage-Magazine with your pics plastered all over billboards. Consider it practice for when you really are famous one day.


Wanted: Photographs

The Staff of Tripotage Magazine always is looking for dynamic culture related images for possible publication in the magazine.  We are interested in those that visually depict the many aspects of our culture: theater, music, comedy, dance, painting, etc.  We can use digital photographs or color prints. Contributors sending prints should send duplicate copies, not originals, because we do not take responsibility for damaged or lost prints.

Send your materials to: or

Tripotage Magazine: PO BOX 101784
Fort Lauderdale, Fl 33310
(305)209-7397 or (954) 749-1792


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