With her dramatic good looks and innate charm, Amarius has the potential to rise through the ranks and become one of the most in demand faces in the fashion industry.
Although she can project elegance and hauteur in her images in person, Amarius is warm, engaging and refreshingly down to earth.  We sat down with this aspiring model and discussed her busy schedule, future ambitions, and why she loves being in front of the camera.

T-M: What is your name

AH: My name is Amarius Howard, but my friends call me Ace.

T-M:  What word best describes you

AH: Random

T-M: Best and worst decision you ever made

AH: Best decision I made was to cut my hair, and my laziness is definitely my worst. 

T-M: What is your greatest fear

AH: Failure

T-M: Why are you interested in modeling 

 AH: I believe that little girls who looks like me will know they too are beautiful

T-M: What got you interested in modeling

AH: The fact that I don’t see many models that look like me

T-M: What are your goals for the future

AH: My goal is to run my own Charter School

T-M: How do you keep yourself in shape

AH: Planet Fitness is my best friend 

T-M: It’s common to assume that one cannot rely on modeling as a long term career path. Do you agree with this statement.  Why or why not

AH:  My long term career goal is teaching. I personally see modeling as a hobby that I love

T-M: What is your word of advice to other aspiring models

AH: I’ll advise them to reach for the stars if this is your goal and don’t let anybody try to lead you a stray

Photo and Interview